Techns of easy survival.

In life, we come across numbers of hurdels, problems, changes and much more circumstances which certainly breaks us from within. We feel like we have lost each and every hope of survival and we cant cope up with them anymore. They comes in several personifications: Financial conditions, emotional traumas or the most common of annoying people.

But according to me:

“Coming back in game is for a brave,

Staying in it, for survivor;

And winning it, for a warrior.”

Its totally upto us that what we crave and strive for.

Here are some of the tips that may help you in coping up with your daily problems.

1. Don’t think what they think.

Spinned? But yes. Dont give a thought to anybody’s saying. Half of them are jealous that you are doing something and other half is just fun-fully wanting to bring you down. Whenever, trust me whenever ever you need an expert advice give a self call.

Nothing can ever beat your intuition for your good.

And for this ellaboration I always think :

“Ab log kya sochenge, ye bhi hum sochenge toh log kya sochenge.”

2.Get the smart moves.

In today’s world, being naive is just not a good option. The more innocent you are,the more people will thrash you down just like the whole group of lion snatching over a single piece of flesh.

Just keep the one formula on :

Step 1: LISTEN


Step 3: FOCUS

Step 4: SPEAK

By this, you will never be narrated of a fool ever.

(Don’t over analyse. Its sucks.)

3. Accept that change is the only constant thing.

This the toughest among all.

Remember when we were kids, we were learning to walk, we fell several times bjt at last we started walking. Similarly is the path of life. We walk,fell and rise again. In between, many things changes and sometime changes so drastically that we even shatters us. But, no skilled sailor has grown on calm seas. Accoet the change, keep you head held high and move on.

Happy healing!

Niharika A. Jain


Top 5 quotes that keeps me going in tough situations.

It’s the only life we have got, and in this one life we have infinite number of problems,worries and how-abouts that starts from the moment we come to this world.

In all these web of aws all we need is a shoulder to lean and certain phrases that keeps our body and mind, both fueled up.

Here are some of the quotes by the influencers all around the world that keeps me going whenever I have abandonment issues. I hope that they helps you heal too.

So here it goes.

1. “Remember that guy that guy that gave up? Neither does no one else” – Anonymous

This boosts the energy to never give up and keep going whatever the situation arrives. Its not certainly necessary that we excel in first chance and so is giving up. If you can’t get what you want in first attempt then why also giving up – in first attempt?

On point?

2. “Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.” – Anonymous

So here comes the game of life,where we are headed with crowns of both flowers and thorns. But no matter what touches the skin we should definitely keep going. This is too because the most unexpected miracles happen at the most unexpected time and by the kost unexpected people.

Phew! Expecting something?

3. ” Tough times never last,but tough people do.” – Robert H. Schuller

Every coal has to go through several processes to become a diamond. If life is testing us, we should be prepared, confident,have faith on god and keep walking to the paths of wood that have not be chosen by anyone else.

4. “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” – Christopher Robin to Pooh (A.A Milne)

Our childhood cuddly bear – Winnie the pooh, not only loved honey but also his best friend Christopher Robin. The best thing that any cartoon series taught is this one. We are much more than a survivor and the most of the warriors; because when we look back at the path, we have survived most of the dillemas that we thought we could’nt even breathe with.


5. “Our greatest glory is not in falling,but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucins

Remember when we were kids and started learning cycling? We kept falling for a while, little dumble here and there amd then straight on the road. You know why it happened? Because the sound of wind and speed of air attracted us so much that we didn’t ever feared pf being wounded and kept trying till perfection.

That is life.

Aim so huge and beautiful that the mountains seems like rocks and the moment you climb the height you could see the world not the world could see you.

Niharika Ankit Jain

Self love – Best love

To the world of disguise,
Disguise of the promises.
Means how can we be so kind, need infact that we fell so hard for the one who just pretend to hold us but in reality not even touching the nip of the finger nail.
Means,it’s magical that how can we give so much to a person and still be so physically,mentally and hypothetically non-existent to them.
Promises are sometimes the commitments that we consider them to be, but in reality,they are just a piece of word from the mouth the shallow love ,that too what we consider it to be.
Love is not a feeling,its a life, a drug that addicts you for attention basically. And being brutally honest, this what makes us mad if we not get it from the one we crave for. We blame them for the non existent feeling but in reality, its us who want to quench our souls with their love.
Is it ok!? Whose wrong in this? Either we or they? Answer is that we are wrong for expecting. We have made ourselves so lathargic that our self love cant fulfill the soul needs.
Before aiming,wanting,needing and demanding others love for ourselves, first give yourself attention,care,respect and pamperings
And once you give yourself these, trust me you aill need other level of freedom where you wont need anyone but just yourself.

Give yourself chance to love yourself first and then miracles will happen.

– Niharika Ankit Jain